About Polyjuice

Powered by Starcounter, Polyjuice allows multiple applications from different software vendors to share data & screen.
Without programming, glue code or APIs, applications can be put together to create sophisticated enterprise solutions, where data is automatically and seamlessly shared in real time.

We have spent over 10 years conducting deep-technology research in order to build the unique solution we call Polyjuice. Polyjuice is AI-powered technology that enables applications to work together without manual integration. Applications share data and screen to create the optimal user experience. This is where a shared app economy is coming to life, allowing software vendors to build their own application platforms and offer their customers a wide range of business applications, both developed in-house and sourced from the Polyjuice Ecosystem of applications. Polyjuice consists of two main innovations: Cognitive Data Mapping and UI Blending.

Our mission to change the enterprise software market is bold — and realistic

Collaborate to win

Applications from different developers create a composite solution that includes best-of-breed apps. So that every application developer can focus on their expertise and advantage. All automated with Cognitive Data Mapping and UI Blending.

Cognitive Mapping

Every application is a stand alone application that do not have any API or glue code with other applications. Powered by AI and in-memory computing Polyjuice allow application data to be virtualized and mapped to a single shared storage grid. Since all data is in a single chunk of RAM, applications built on Polyjuice interoperate automatically through mapping of their virtualized databases. With data stored in a highly granular representation form, multiple separately developed applications, with their own ontologies, can share data. Cognitive mapping mirrors an application’s data model to the Polyjuice mapping engine. 

UI Blending

UI blending enables multiple applications to share the screen, which means that multiple applications can be combined into a single virtual UI-application, tailored to an individual user’s requirements.

The ultimate way

Sophisticated and complex solutions can be created by combining applications from different software vendors. Enterprises can now build and buy small and focused applications without the risk of costly, error prone and time consuming integration. And replace small part of the system anytime.

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