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The brains behind Polyjuice

Starcounter is a deep-tech company that make complex things easy and automated.
With our patented technology we are working hard to change how the market of Enterprise Software works. Our innovation Polyjuice breaks new ground for a shared application economy where everyone can create their own success in collaboration with others.
The Ultimate way for Enterprise Software. 

Our Vision is bold – but realistic

Polyjuice lets you playfully combine many applications into large business systems without programming. This is forever changing the fundamentals of the trillion-dollar enterprise software market dominated by giants like SAP and Oracle. Just like what the mobile app ecosystem did to the likes of Nokia.

Management Team

Carl-Johan Runer

Chief Executive Officer

Erica Larson

Deputy CEO

Johan Kalderen

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Skatov

Chief Technology Officer

Joachim Wester


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