Feb 15th: TechWorld Summit AI

TechWorld Summit: AI attracted many industry experts within the field of AI. The well-composed lineup consisted of speakers from a wide variety of industries across Sweden, whom all delivered great talks and shared a vast knowledge of the subject.

Amongst the speakers were Simon Westerlind, Machine Learning Engineer here at Starcounter, who gave a brief overview of the history of AI and shed light on the new era of AI technologies, that is Deep Learning, and how these technologies can help us develop a better and more reliable product for customers and consumers.

Even though all of the speeches were great, many of the speakers however only presented a general overview of currently available AI/Machine Learning platforms and how to utilize this in order to create your own AI supported solutions. While many of the tools in these platforms contain powerful models developed by some of the largest companies in the world such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft, it is important to note that these tools have a somewhat limited amount of use cases. When developing more advanced products that do not perfectly match any of these use cases, as we do at Starcounter, it may be necessary to develop your own models and tools.

In the exhibition area, many interested people from the industry visited our booth, and our Starcounter employees were available all day to answer questions regarding applied AI, Deep Learning, and other general topics surrounding AI. Some of the visitors who approached us just wanted to talk about what Starcounter do and our vision.

In general, it was a great day with many great speeches and a good crowd of people coming together. We are already looking forward to the next great event.