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We live in a world where we have been told that speed is the key to success. In the future however, we also need to be 100 percent customer-centric and focus on meeting customer needs, whether it’s an issue of scalability, range of services or support. For software vendors, this creates a major headache because traditional technology holds them back from having enough agility and flexibility to service customers at the right speed and level.

Collaboration is another key to success. But in order to collaborate with software you have to build, maintain and support integration. Integration with APIs, data conversions and glue code is not just time consuming and expensive. It is also risky business exposing ownership of data, your competitive advantage and your clients.

Polyjuice by Starcounter enables you as a software vendor to become a key player in your vertical market, to expand your offer quickly and to retain long-lasting customer relationships.

This is for real

By joining the Polyjuice revolution, we’re not just asking you to make minor improvements by switching platforms. We’re offering you the chance to revolutionize your entire business model and become the Enterprise App Store of your niche and vertical.

If you are looking for a modest improvement, please proceed to Microsoft, Oracle, SAP or similar. Polyjuice is here for those of us who want to make a real difference and who finds new and innovative ways most exciting.

We are just getting started and have already several software vendors building their unique App stores within their specific vertical. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to create an App store in your domain.

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Quality and flexibility at scale

“Polyjuice technology allows Buildcraft users to work with different apps in one seamlessly integrated experience. We no longer need to compromise user experience in order to build our platform for the construction industry.”

Anton Fagerberg, Founder/COO @ Buildcraft

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The Story of Polyjuice

November 22nd, 2018|

In 1991 Joachim Wester was enjoying life in general. Everything should have been fine, but there was one nagging question: Why can’t all computer applications share data and screen automatically?